Carlos Adrian Correa Florez, MINES ParisTech PhD, PERSEE center




CoRDÉES : gouvernance énergétique de quartier


Prédiction solaire pour des suiveurs photovoltaïques


The REstable project


Oil and gas engineering  and CO2 capture, transport and storage

  • SIGARRR (ANR SEED): Simulations of the Impact of Annex Gases (SOx, NyOx, O2 co-injected with the CO2 during its geological storage) on the Reservoir-Rocks Reactivity.
  • Fluid Story: important and reversible underground storage of fluid energy vectors (O2, CO2 and CH4).
  • JIP CO2 (Joint industry Project): this joint industrial project is the fruit of an international collaboration Mines ParisTech / Heriot-Watt University supported by important industrial groups, including many oil companies, with the aim of highlighting the impact of impurities (among them SOx and NOx) on the transportation and CO2 storage processes.

The work done on the determination of phase diagrams (hydrate dissociation curves, liquid-vapor equilibrium of binary mixtures involving impurities) and densities of CO2-rich mixtures will help define new thresholds of tolerance as concerns impurity concentrations for CO2 capture. Besides, these data will help improve the predictive capabilities of the thermodynamic models used by the industry for the design and the optimization of the CO2 capture, transportation and storage units.

  • GPA 112: project in partnership with the Gas Processors Association and the CES MINES ParisTech.

The objective of the project is to have a better understanding of the solidification of CO2 in cryogenic processes in order to improve the design of light hydrocarbon recovery units in the natural gas treatment.

  • GPA 142: project in collaboration with the GPA in order to determine the solubility of mercaptans in amine aqueous solutions.

The results obtained (liquid-vapour equilibrium of multi-component mixtures involving many mercaptans and many amines, determination of the constant of Henry's law of the mercaptan in amine aqueous solutions) will help better understand the distribution of sulphur species in amines factories and thus contribute to assess how many mercaptans (and other sulphur species) can be removed by a given amine.

  • Carnot Project: design of a PVT measurement innovative device.

This project aims to design an innovative experimental tool to extend the temperatures and the pressures we can use to determine the bubble and dew points of complex mixtures. The work will focus on H2S-rich mixtures, on reactive mixtures and in cryogenic conditions.

  • JIP LNG: Evaluation of the crystallization risk in LNG production.

Joint Industry Project combining experimental and modeling activities for obtaining a precise model of the solubility limits of impurities in natural gas in order to allow an optimized Liquified Natural Gas production process design.

  • Natural gas processing by amine aqueous solution (direct industrial contract).

Optimization of thermodynamic and energy systems

  • PREDIREF (ANR CD2I): prediction of the physical properties of next-generation refrigerant fluids.

Biomass and green chemistry

  • Biovalue Project:

This project is a collaboration between the CTP, the LSPM of Paris 13 University and the Fontainebleau and Gâtinais Biosphere Reserve in order to study the possibility of upgrading the local biomass by transforming it into high-value-added products.

Other projects are also under study at the CTP. We can quote:

  • CARNOT CRIT project: development of a new equation of state to represent the thermodynamic properties close to the critical point.
  • Heat-transfer fluids: this project is a partnership with Air Liquide and consists in the identification and the characterisation of new heat-carrying fluids for cryogenic applications.




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