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Sampler Injector (ROLSI®)

The Rapid On Line Sampler Inhector (ROLSI®) has been especially developed for pressurized fluid sampling and sample analysis by gas chromatography. Directly connected to a reactor or to a Process line for example, ROLSI® allows us to take repeatable and representative in situ samples from the environment without any contamination thereof. Thanks to its integrated heating system, this device allows us to vaporize a liquid sample instantly or to maintain a high-temperature taken sample in a vapor phase. Its maintenance proves to be easy to use and inexpensive.


  • No dead volume
  • A compact and easily automatable device
  • Allows us to take reliable and representative samples of the analysed environment
  • Sampled volume adjustable between 0.1 mg and some mg
  • Integrated heater for an instant spray of the liquids
  • Continuous operating temperature range: from cryogenics to 250°C
  • Operating pressure range: 0.5 bar above the pressure of the carrier gas to 600 bar
  • Standard body: 316 stainless steel (other materials on request)
  • Capillary in 316 L stainless steel, outside diameter 1/16''; internal diameter 0.13 mm


The sampler injector ROLSI®, which free side of the capillary is connected to the sampling site (for example, a reactor or a Process line), is continuously crossed by a flow of carrier gas from the gas chromatograph.

The sealing of the capillary (the side connected to the body of the sampler) is due to a movable part whose lower end is made of a polymer part and whose upper end, made of a soft iron core, is constrained by a counter spring.

The sampling is ensured by the solicitation of the electromagnet which attracts the movable part and generates a sealing break between the fixed capillary and the movable part. The size of the samples, at given pressure and temperature, is directly proportional to the time of sealing break (sampling time). This time is controllable as well as the time between two samplings with the help of a timer coupled to the power supply of the electromagnet.

For more information on ROLSI®, please contact us.

ROLSI® - Mines Paris - PSL


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